New Album – Fire Dance




Steffen Schackinger – Guitars, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Vocals and Cello

on “Part Of A View”

Henrik Bjørn – Bass & Vocals

Lars Daugaard – Drums


Additional musicians:

Rune Harder Olesen – Percussion

Ivaylo Dechkoff – Violin on “A & V”, “The Highlands” & “The Ladder Of


Heikki Takkula – Cello on “The Ladder Of Transmigration”

Chris Jordan – “I Don ́t Know A Thing” (lyrics)

Recorded at Fire Dance Studio, Odense, Denmark

Drums recorded at LD Studio, Aabyhøj, Denmark


Produced by Steffen Schackinger

Executive Producers:

– Brandon Thomas, Stirstudio Inc.

– Ashton H Cary

– Sean Yagahe Conroy

– Michael Jason Evans


Engineered and recorded by Steffen Schackinger, Lars Daugaard &

Henrik Bjørn

Mixed at LD Studio by Lars Daugaard

Mastered at by Holger Lagerfeldt